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“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”


About me

Welcome to my online portfolio!

My name is Marco, a designer obsessed with creating experiences and interfaces that focus on simplicity, usability and user needs.

I’m a person who loves solving problems and working for many years in a multicultural environment I learned many things and I got passionate about visual design and human interactions. I love the challenge of having to communicate without using words.

As a traveler, I love discovering new places and cultures. Travelling since I was young and learning multiple languages has taught me an appreciation for communication and the importance of clearly conveying one’s message. Verbal communication can be difficult. But regardless of language differences, an effective visual message is universal.
I can say that my travels have taught me so much; skills and lessons I apply in my personal and professional life.

Among the many things that I have taught myself over the years, photography is one of them. As a creative person I enjoy taking pictures to communicate ideas and feelings. Enjoy some of my photos below.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio.
Marco Prosperi


About me